But what is High Up Apparel?

High Up is a brand I have created with a journey to push our society away from a preconceived notion of the word "High". You can perceive this word in either a negative or positive light. You may associate it with Drugs and Addiction, or look down on the phrase because you've never truly achieved this feeling of being "High". I want to redirect peoples thoughts and represent the true feeling and emotion of being high on life. I believe what you want to learn and discover is manifested in front of you. You control everything, every decision, every action. The designs I've created represent everyone's differing moods and mindsets. I want to show people that certain types of thinking can truly give you powers if you embrace it, instead of hiding what your mind is truly capable of. Explore your thinking and find the inner power that helps you feel at complete bliss with the universe. Discover the feeling of a clear mind with the spark of imagination. Adventure Awaits.

High Up Apparel Mushroom