Our Story

- Our Story -

The idea behind High Up is to help motivate the journey of finding yourself. I truly believe mental health is just as important as working on your body everyday and pushing your mind to create new ideas and possibilities. We create our own adventure and it starts by every action we take everyday. With every single thought that comes our way, we have the power to turn what could be negative energy into positive energy by simply seeing it in the right perspective. Our perspective is the most powerful tool our universe gives us and that’s why it’s important everyday to reflect and try to see the good in a world that's become colorless.

- Our Adventure -

High Up is a fantasy based clothing line with a mission to help build mental health awareness such as Anxiety, Depression, ADHD and much more. 25% of all profits is donated to NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness. Together we can create a world of color in a colorless world. Join us and create your own adventure, step into the world of High Up and become the king or queen of your mind.